It’s a beautiful addition to your Wedding’s first dance. A thick, low-lying fog that hugs the floor. We often get asked questions about this machine, and we’ve compiled the questions and answers for you in this week’s blog.

1. Where Do You Get Your Dry Ice From?

Depending where we are around town, we use BOC and Mr Iceman. We prefer Mr Iceman though because they deliver the dry ice early on in the day and directly to the venue. It even comes packaged in a styrofoam box to keep it sealed until it’s time to use.

2. How Much Dry Ice do you use?

This depends on how big the area for the first dance will be, but we’ll generally use 8kg. This is perfect for the duration of the bridal waltz; 3-4 minutes worth of magic.

3. How Long Will It Take To Heat Up The Water Used?

The machine holds a lot of water, so it’s take a decent amount to heat up. If the water used is cold it’ll take around an hour and a half. If warm to hot water is used, around 45 minutes will be needed.

4. Do I Need To Get Permission From My Venue?

In the spirit of best practice, it’s best to let your venue manager know that you’re having dry ice on the night. This will ensure that they’re across the logistics for the night so they can help in clearing the area when the time comes. Because the fog released is low-lying, it won’t rise higher than knee-level. This keeps it away from the alarms and makes it venue friendly!

5. Does An Operator Come With The Machine?

Yes! Having a professional operate this will ensure smooth-sailing on your big day, so you can focus on what matters; getting lost in the moment and magic of the first dance.

6. When Will My Operator Arrive And How Long Do They Need To Set Up?

You’re dry ice operator will arrive around an hour and a half before the scheduled time for your first dance. This ensures time to fill the machine, heat the water and position the machine for the big moment.

7. Any Other Questions?

We’d love to add to this list if anything else comes to mind. Let us know what questions you have at

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